Build Competition: The Underworld [Ends OCT.1]
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16 Aug 2020, 19:55

We are officially starting our first build competition! The theme is:


Life in the Underworld


The rules are simple:

You have until the deadline to complete a build that meets all the criteria.

Friends are welcome to help with the creation and up to 4 players per group can enter the competition. Winners will all receive the prize, but the main prize will be smaller than if you do the build alone or with only 1 partner.

The build must not exceed 250 x 250 blocks.

Remember, you only have until October 1st, so you don't want to build anything too large!


Here is the criteria:

Details - We want to see those who pay attention to the little things. Details go a long way!

Uniqueness - Is it cool and fresh, or is it something you can find on every server? We want to see unconventional blocks being used for modern styles!

Theme - Theme is an open ended idea; you're encouraged to build what you'd like, but make sure you take the requested criteria into account.

Functionality - While not required, you can receive bonus points if your build functions as something whether that's a spawn, a pvp arena, a mob dungeon, or a town. Or just build for decoration!

The winners can win great prizes! Eventually, even cash prizes! For the first one, the prizes will be as follow:


1st Place

Angelic GiftboxIn-game cash prize of $25,000, & Fox Disguise

(Group entries will be awarded each their own Fancy Giftbox instead!)


2nd Place

In-game cash prize of $15,000 & Fox Disguise

3rd Place

In-game cash prize of $10,000 & Fox Disguise

Entry prize$2,500



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