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Egg Hunt
about 1 month ago

Our Easter event has officially began! Collect eggs to spin baskets and win prizes like exclusive hats, tools, & more! Event ends on May 7th

Happy Birthday Tauri!
3 months ago


Today is a big day if you didn't know already....


It's Tauri's birthday!

Tauri has been a dedicated community member since August 1st, 2020. Over the course of this time, she's gone from an active player to a staple community member, and an amazing staff member with countless talents to offer the team. 



Love's in the Air
3 months ago


Love is in the Air!


For today only, visit /spawn (built by Mac & tauri!) and right-click the Valentines Box to receive some exclusive particle effects, some holiday themed items, and a free Marriage License!

Marry your s...

Welcome to Operation: Craft Forums
4 months ago

New Website!

Welcome to our new website! We will be populating this overtime with content, information etc!


Be sure to register to stay up to date with this.

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